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Shab Ruffcut

Shab Ruffcut

Группа в интернете: www.myspace.com/shabruffcut, www.soundcloud.com/shab-ruffcut/sets

Дискография Shab Ruffcut:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Jack Da Ripper EP 3 audio iTunes 2009-03-09 Wearhouse Music
2 Twist 6 audio iTunes 2009-06-22 Dandy Kid Records
3 Ooww Barr Booo EP 5 audio iTunes 2009-04-20 Dandy Kid Records
4 IDO EP 3 audio iTunes 2010-02-22 Dandy Kid Records
5 Tease Me (The Remixes EP) 14 audio iTunes 2010-06-21 Dandy Kid Records

Let us introduce you to Shab Ruffcut. Just take a look and listen closely; he’s standing on the edge of super stardom, looking out onto the future of music as one of the kids of to forms the next generation of sound. His name echoes far and wide in the music scene, cementing his name over the last two years in the business and constantly building a major name for himself on the international DJ scene. With sleek production and sublime technical mixing you can’t help but love him. His early production saw him working with none other than house legend Trevor Loveys, aka half of Switch. This put Shab in a phenomenal position to concentrate on his own record label, Dandy Kids Records, that he started with the legendary Slade Templeton, othewise known as Defunct!. Two years later the DKR brand is taking over the world. What can you expect from the man himself? Nothing less than a musical melting pot from the four quarters of the earth! He fuses dirty beats with wobbly catchy bass lines enhanced by explosive mixing and a spectacularly vibrant sound, twisted with his own personal vibe. He stands alone in his proven ability to read the dancefloor and mix underground notoriety with commercially viable beats, clearly demonstrated in his capacity to deliver new and fresh material on a monthly basis and being simultaneously held in the highest regard by the DKR fan base. Shab has a CV that boasts working with a number of global superstars, UK based artists and those from the up and coming world. His knowledge and expertise reach far further than others on the same quest and his accolades simply keep on shining. As a DJ he attempts to push the barriers of all music genres and to stamp his unique sound onto each and every one of you. Throughout his journey he’s played to packed arenas, banging dance floors, collaborated with some of A list crowd and out of no where seems to be on everyone’s lips and destined for none other than glorious things. A typical set is inspired by the traditional, the technical and the futuristic. Like he’s setting the foundations for phenomenal things to come, he plays on a multitude of levels, exploring all influences of house. It’s undisputed that Shab is full of attitude and style, leaving no one sitting still he’ll have every dancefloor across the globe throwing shapes! His matrix of music, powerful sound and productions are synonymous with a DKR dance floor and has not gone unnoticed through major support from the likes of Annie Mac (Radio 1), Pete Tong (Radio 1), A-Trak, Busy P (Ed Bangers) and the Crookers. Shab Ruffcut has also been featured in high-profile magazines such as Mixmag, DJ Mag and IDJ; accolades not easily reached. Currently working on a huge portfolio of EP releases that epitomise Shab Ruffcut and his sound, you are standing in the proximity of a genius. Watch Shab explore various house influences, use intelligent melodies and hooks to tap into the underground, he is without doubt destined for the very top circle of musical stardom. His professional ethos and unique vision for music leaves a lasting impression on all that meet him or hear him play. As he leads the brand into the next generation with his virtual, 3D clubbing experiences and insight into new signings we can’t help but bow down to the phenomenon that is Shab Ruffcut. Without doubt one of DKR’s greatest phenomenons and as he moves forward into the next generation of clubland, paving the way with his infusion with hip hop, booty bass, electro swings and everything in between you can’t do anything else but stand with open arms and embrace the new world you feel you have entered. There are some radical, highly anticipated projects to come over the next six months so be ready. You won’t want to miss it – take it from us!! Along with some incredibly strong branding, highly positive marketing and infectious EP releases that chart on Beatport every single time, DKR and Shab specifically has built an outstanding reputation as one of the hottest DJs in one of the finest, sharpest, freshest labels of the year. Say hello to the next generation of artists… bust a move, shout and scream, it’s Shab Ruffcut

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