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Также известно как: Machtenzym
Члены группы Machtenzym: Kay Pischang, Matthias Macht
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/machtenzym

Дискография Machtenzym:

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The energetic duo MachtEnzym has been around for quite some time evolving from the depths of Dresden’s always growing electronic music scene. They both gained massive respect and enthusiasm when playing live so it’s really no wonder the partycrowd goes wild after their unique and blending mixture of live drums (Matthias Macht) and the utterly experimental and crackling live electronics (Enzym). Razorsharp, versatile and non-standard drum patterns as both musicians play their instruments efficent with total control over the buttons and still they have enough room to improvise proved by the fact they come up with an entirely new set for every single show. Improvisation seems to be the magic concept behind the professional and stunning live shows they put up while being on stage. MachtEnzym melts together two very varied musicians to one powerful core. Rating: absolutely worth hearing!

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