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New Opera Hero

Группа в интернете: http://newoperahero.com/, https://soundcloud.com/newoperahero, http://vimeo.com/user1655579

Дискография New Opera Hero:

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London-based group N.O.H perform audiovisual electro / rock inside a virtual world of holographic projections and interactive technology. In their award-winning shows they take to the stage as brain cells inside the head of a giant baby as he tries to find ways to master his new life. N.O.H combine the energy of a live band with a continual narrative using animated characters, like a 2013 version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" meets Gorrilaz. After storming international theatre stages with their 3D holographic show, they revamped their set into a new audiovisual extravaganza for the main stage of Fusion Festival (Germany). With this flexible setup their unique take on band performance can now be brought to any music venue. The full 3D holographic stage version will become part of the touring event they are currently developing with Kinetica Museum. Founders of N.O.H Steff Ungerer and Michael Wilson have directed, composed, written and designed for theatre, opera, concerts, TV, computer games and art installations. Their international credits range from the Pet Shop Boys to Lady Gaga and the National Operas in Tokyo, London and Hamburg and major theatres in Asia and Europe. Their interest in alternative ways of music performance started after a collaboration with Asian Dub Foundation for the English National Opera in London and led to the first N.O.H production, 'Parallel Observations', a classical/electronic opera which premiered in May 2009 at the Royal Opera in Liege, Belgium.

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