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Black Market Flowers

Группа в интернете: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Market-Flowers/398546590231145

Дискография Black Market Flowers:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Bind 14 audio iTunes 1993 Roadrunner Records
2 Thicket 9 audio iTunes 1995 Boy's Life Records
3 Gladiola Flower Petal 2 4 audio iTunes 1993 Relativity
4 "Gladiola Flower Petal 2" 2 audio iTunes 1993 Relativity
5 Thicket 8 audio iTunes 1995 Boy's Life Records
6 Bind 11 audio iTunes 1993 Relativity
7 Bind 11 audio iTunes 1993 Relativity
8 Cracked Pain / Coool 2 audio iTunes 1991 Piece Of Mind
9 Thicket 7 audio iTunes 1995 Boy's Life Records

Guitarist/Vocalist Matt Neth and Bassist Bryan Ray formed the band in San Francisco in 1991, and moved to Los Angeles, where they found Drummer Heath Patterson. After a year of showcasing their melodic brand of grunge on the club circuit, Black Market Flowers were signed by Relativity Records, and released their debut, Bind, in 1993. Their first single, "Cracked Pain / Coool," was cut in San Francisco and released in 1991 on Piece of Mind Records, followed shortly by a three song demo, "Fixin' / Kenny and Cleo / Pink Heavy." After they were signed by Relativity Records, they released, "Gladiola Flower Petal II EP", on CD & 7" in the Spring of 1993. Later that year BMF released their debut full length, Bind. They Toured the US, released a single and a video for Kenny and Cleo (video directed by Casey Nicolli), totaled their fifteen passenger van in Knoxville TN, toured some more, released Fixin as a second single, quit Relativity and then signed with Jon Pikus' label "Boys Life / Interscope" in 1995. Their second album, "Thicket," was released later that year along with the video for Rainvisor. A 10" vinyl version of Thicket was released shortly after, with switched up sequence of tracks, an additional song and different album art. Additional track included on the 10" vinyl was PTWTWABS (played the whole thing with a broken string) recorded live to DAT Tape. The song was usually reserved as a recovery song if Matt or Bryan broke a string in the middle of a live set. While Black Market Flowers were writing and recording their third full length album in July 1997, sisters Mykel, Carli and Trysta Allen were killed in a car accident while driving home from a concert to see their father in Salt Lake City. BMF played their last show, with Weezer and That Dog, as a fundraiser for the sisters' family. They were truly the first BMF fans and helped the band from start to finish. It didn't seem right to go on with out them. LOVE, Heath, Matt and Bryan Ray

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