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Antonio Capuano (2)

Также известно как: A. Capuano

Дискография Antonio Capuano (2):

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Born in Naples in 1940, Antonio Capuano is a complete artist: as well as directing films, plays and television programs, he is also a painter and set designer and he leads the Set Design Department of the Fine Arts Academy in Naples where he lives. Antonio Capuano made his directorial debut in 1991 with Vito e gli altri (Vito and the Others), based on his 1988 Solinas Award-winning screenplay. The film won him the International Critics’ Award in Venice. In 1994 he took part in an ensemble film entitled L’unico paese al mondo, and in 1996 he directed Pianese Nunzio 14 anni a maggio (Pianese Nunzio Fourteen in May) his second feature film, presented at that year’s Venice Festival. The same film was awarded the Nice USA Festival 1996. The following year he filmed an episode entitled Sofialorén, part of a wider project by the Naples film school called The Vesuvians together with other directors such as Mario Martone and Pappi Corsicato. He directed Polvere di Napoli (Napoli's Dust) in 1998 and presented the film at the Locarno Film Festival. Capuano’s recent film Luna rossa (Red Moon) 2001, was selected for competition at Venice Festival 2001 and also in the Muestra de Cine Napolitano, section of the 2002 Buenos Aires International Film festival. His latest work as a director is La guerra di Mario (Mario's War).

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