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Doug Oldham

Douglas Reed Oldham

Также известно как: D. Oldham

Дискография Doug Oldham:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Get All Excited...Go Tell Everybody! 15 audio iTunes 1972 Impact (7)
2 Bathing In The Sunlight Of God's Love 12 audio iTunes Impact (7)
3 A Rich Man Am I 12 audio iTunes Impact (7)
4 Something Worth Living For 12 audio iTunes Heart Warming
5 To God Be The Glory 10 audio iTunes 1973 Impact (7)
6 The Warm Sounds Of Doug Oldham 10 audio iTunes 1975 Impact (7)
7 For Such A Time As This 12 audio iTunes Heart Warming
8 Doug Oldham And Friends 11 audio iTunes 1976 Impact (7)
9 Doug Oldham & The Speers Live! 22 audio iTunes 1975 Impact (7)
10 Sings The Old & New Of Bill And Gloria Gaither 20 audio iTunes 1978 Tempo/Impact Records
11 Special Delivery 11 audio iTunes 1979 Impact (7)
12 Live 31 audio iTunes 1973 Impact (7)
13 Sings The Best Of Bill Gaither 11 audio iTunes Impact (7)
14 I've Got To Go On 12 audio iTunes Impact (7)
15 Duets And Devotions 6 audio iTunes 1964
16 Noel (Jesus Is Born) 12 audio iTunes Impact (7)
17 Poet of Praise 12 audio iTunes 1984 Lovesong Records
18 He Saw Me 10 audio iTunes 1997 Brentwood Music, Inc.
19 Christmas With Doug Oldham 11 audio iTunes 1972 Impact Records (7)
20 Through It All 10 audio iTunes Impact (7)
21 Golden Treasury Of Hymns For The Family Of God 30 audio iTunes 1977 Impact (7)

Doug Oldham (b. November 30, 1930 Akron, Indiana USA d. July 21, 2010 Charlottesville, Virginia USA) was an American Southern Gospel singer and a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He was the son of Dr. [a=Dale Oldham]. Oldham was a musical performer for more than 60 years, with 64 albums to his credit, often traveling and performing with his wife Laura Lee. The couple produced a CD and wrote three books together. Oldham was a regular performer on "The Old Time Gospel Hour" with Jerry Falwell, "The PTL Club" with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker during the 1970s and 80s, and traveled with the Bill Gaither Trio and the Slaughters during the 1960s. In 1975, he sang with the Speer Family, for Christian concerts. He was also a performer on several of Bill Gaither's Gaither Homecoming videos. In 2006, Doug was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He was the recipient of two GMA Dove Awards and an Angel Award. In 2007, Liberty University named a campus recital hall at the Fine Arts Building, the “Oldham Recital Hall, in his honor and established the Liberty University Oldham Concert Hall Scholarship Fund at the Center for Worship.

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