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Chaz Jackson

Также известно как: C. Jackson, Charles Jackson

Дискография Chaz Jackson:

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Chaz Jackson was inspired by Jazz Musicians at an early. His first love was the trumpet. While in the eight grade his school did not have enough musical instruments for every student that wanted to play. So he had to drop his ambition to be another Miles Davis. He bought his first guitar at age 18 when he was in the Army, stationed in Japan. During his Army tour of duty, his travels across the United States allowed him the opportunity to personally see Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, George Benson, BB King and Kenny Burrell play. Chaz Jackson will always be that jazz, blues, music man from Arizona. As a youth while in the Army he was fortunate to be stationed in the city of Chicago, Ill. On a weekly basis he would go and see legendary soul and jazz performers at the Regal and Tivoli theaters. The Isley Brothers, Ray Charles, The Coasters, Art Blakey, Bobbie Timmons, Joe Morgan, Wayne Shorter, and numerous others. While in Baltimore he saw the Drifters and The Supremes at the Royal Theater and later at a friends house he met some members of the Drifters. While in Los Angeles he saw and met members of the Temptations.

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