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Члены группы Plástico: Eduardo Benavente, Emilio Estrecha, Jorge Arbolés, Luis Carlos Esteban, Manuel Malou, Rafa Gutierrez

Дискография Plástico:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Nieva / Mil Espejos 2 audio iTunes 1980 RCA Victor
2 Plástico 13 audio iTunes 2014-09-22 Subterfuge Records

Influential Spanish pop band from the late 70's. Founded by Eduardo Benavente (vocals), Toti Arbolés (drums, both from "Prisma", progresive rock band where [a619384] was lead guitarist), Rafa Gutiérrez (guitar), Emilio Estrecha (bass) and Luis Carlos Esteban (keyboards, from [a1332791]). Soon Eduardo would leave the band to become [a98927] drummer, being replaced by Manuel Malou Sánchez (brother of Jorge Sánchez, "Zombies" drummer), who had got a big hit with rumba duo [a1468584] and his song “Qué pasa contigo tío”. Thanks to his contacts on RCA they got a contract and released their only single "Nieva" (1980), with two pop songs that wouldn't have much success… The band split-up and they would become famous on other bands: Malou in [a1280537] and as solo artist, Toti Arbolés as drummer on [a98927], Rafa Gutierrez as bassist on [a651012], Emilio Estrecha and Luis Carlos Esteban with [a689016]… Too much bands for such a little bunch!

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