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Группа в интернете: http://www.hotdrop.es, http://hotdrop.bandcamp.com/, https://soundcloud.com/hotdropband

Дискография Hotdrop:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Secret Dubs EP 6 audio iTunes 2008-11-17 aquietbump
2 It's A Remix Thing 6 audio iTunes 2009 Lafamilia Music

Hotdrop was born in the winter of 2004, in dark rehearsal rooms of Madrid"s suburbs, where the irresistible attraction for jamaican rhythms made these reggae lovers take the same direction. The band grew gradually, thanks to underground jamm sessions, summer recordings and amazing coincidences...Long inspired rehearsal nights did the rest. But the road is long and Hotdrop’s story suffered many encounters and farewells, until it reached the stable musical line up that currently creates its mystic reggae-dub sound. Their first record "Ready"(Lafamille 2007) was the completion of this first hectic period of Hotdrop’s life, 12 original cuts that will delight every reggae lover. Its unique sound is rooted in 70s’ reggae productions combined with funk and soulful beats, where rhythm and harmonies melt together in a surrounding dub atmosphere. Its original blend of classic and modern musical elements, refreshes spanish reggae scene. Their lyrics, far from stereotypes, are beetween poetry and protest, being a true reflection of the bands dual nature, power and melody, rhythm and softness, and are sung with personality and mellowness by their three main singers. Hotdrop have been busy lately, touring in the main cities of Spain opening for important artists such as Toots Hibbert, Slackers, Baba Toure, Heptones and heating the waves of many reggae radios across the world. And not only that! The massive will be suprised to know that soon a "Ready" remix compilation will be released, with different collaborations from Romania, USA, France, Spain, etc...that will also be licensed under creative commons. Hotdrop is preparing now the tracks of their next album, so stay tuned. We wont have to wait too much to see them live, for they are now presenting their latest record "No barriers", a vynil EP full of hypnotic rhythms and special vocal collaborations. taken from www.hotdrop.es

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