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Gert-Jan Schutte

Gert-Jan Schutte

Также известно как: G. Schutte
Группа в интернете: http://www.zaxxon.nl, http://www.myspace.com/djzaxxon

Дискография Gert-Jan Schutte:

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Born in 1978 as eighth in a family of eleven Zaxxon knows to share. At the age of nine he decided to share his love for music. No musical boundaries but maximum pleasure. In his hometown Breda people know him as Gert-Jan Schutte, fulltime music lover. No wonder; besides his activities as a DJ and producer he’s hosting DJ- workshops and Zaxxon is the manager of record store Tunes Ville and promoter of Anticlub, popfestival Breda Barst and various local activities. Although Gert-Jan started DJ-ing in 1997 with an eclectic blend of pop, rock and dance he first used his Zaxxon alter ego in 2002 to give outlet to his electronic dreams. In the past years Zaxxon made name with his quality techno and electro sets, which brought him to clubs and underground parties all over the . Nowadays Zaxxon spins a wide range of electronic styles including: techno, electrobass, acid, minimal, dubtechno and a lot of classics. With his enormous hunger to new and vintage electronic music and his impressive and ever growing music collection, one could think of another alias, to give outlet to different sounds. But Zaxxon decided to present both his techno and electro orientated sounds under the same moniker. Like Zaxxon always says: “Nobody eats the same every day” So nowadays he brings his four to the floor techno orientated style including the more minimal and dubby flavours to the clubs, but Zaxxon is also a household name when it comes to quality electro music. Not the weak side of things which is served today by many others, but the real deal. His dark broken machine-soul is served in a well balanced mix of electro bass, IDM, breaks and some disco and dub step flavours. Combining the old- and new school Miami-bass sound from the USA, the ever evaluating breaks of the UK school and his Dutch roots Zaxxon is always on the forefront of electro music. With a fully loaded DJ schedule and several appealing residencies in the past years, Zaxxon is a more than an experienced and very skilful DJ. He knows like no other how to share the passion and love for good music with his audience. So now it’s the time not only to rock the clubs but also to introduce the rest of the world to his own music. His first release is scheduled for the beginning of 2009 on the Dutch Anticlub label. Besides his activities on the creative side of the music industry Zaxxon is also known for his talent in organizing events. In the past years he was responsible for many successful electronic concepts like Spektrum, Sleepy City, ElectroRock and Doktronic. Nowadays he is one of the driving forces and resident DJ’s of Anticlub which throws techno parties all over Holland. As a member of the popfestival Breda Barst organisation Zaxxon is responsible for the dance department of this festival called Breda Beats. This festival welcomes each year more than 20.000 party people in the Valkenbergpark in the centre of Breda.

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