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Joe Keene

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Дискография Joe Keene:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Happiness Man 2 audio iTunes Renay

Joe Keene is a recording artist, songwriter, music publisher, record producer, book author and recording studio owner. Keene began his musical journey in October of 1956. Keene's first guitar was a $28 two-toned blue harmony which now rests in the Hall of Honor of the Dunklin County Library in Kennett, Missouri USA. From that modest beginning evolved a long and very successful career. As a songwriter, many well-known recording artists have recorded his songs including Charley Pride with "I've Just Found Another Reason For Loving Her", The Wilburn Brothers' "We Need a Lot More Happiness," Dickie Lee's "Mahogany Pool Pit," and good friend, Narvel Felts' "Lovelight Man," just to name a few. Keene estimates that around 80 of his songs over the years have been recorded by other artists. Keene is the author of the books entitled, "Baby Grand," and "Songwriting, From Ideas to Royalties." "Baby Grand" was inspired by an antique piano which he purchased at a sale in Malden, Mo., and by several incidents that had occurred at the Hunter-Dawson Home historic site that is located in New Madrid, Mo. The plot centers on the disappearances of children in the area of the Hunter-Dawson home. Done in collaboration with his good friend, the late William W. Johnstone, the 427 page book was written in 1987 and was published by Zebra Books. It features a black cover with a tuxedo clad skeleton seated at the grand piano, eerily smiling at the reader. Keene's other book "Songwriting, From Ideas to Royalties" takes the reader from the idea for a song all the way through to how to get it published with a lot of helpful information in between.

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