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Klaus Benedek

Klaus Benedek

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klaus-Benedek/303617619743671, http://soundcloud.com/klaus-benedek http://www.myspace.com/klausbenedek

Дискография Klaus Benedek:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Rehersal Room Acid Drip 2 audio iTunes 2009-04-01 Petrol Dollar
2 And Then They Started To Dance EP 2 audio iTunes 2010-09-28 Subversaal Musik
3 Screaming Woods / hangerCliff 2 audio iTunes 2010-12-15 Petrol Dollar
4 The Snake EP 3 audio iTunes 2011-10-16 Petrol Dollar
5 Ice Cold Disco 3 audio iTunes 2012-03-01 Soul Shift Music
6 Too High EP 2 audio iTunes 2012-08-28 Perception Music
7 The Filter-House Of The Dead 3 audio iTunes 2012-09-18 Clean and Dirty Recordings
8 The Lesson EP 3 audio iTunes 2013-01-31 Crossworld Academy
9 Falling Stars EP 2 audio iTunes 2013-11-04 Soul Shift Music
10 Can't Turn Me Away 3 audio iTunes 2014-01-03 Heavy
11 Rooted Future EP 3 audio iTunes 2014-01-08 tanzbar|digital

His interest in Electronic music began during the 90s techno hype. He spent hours watching video clips on MTV and viva and thus gathering knowledge about electronic music. In 2004, Benedek began teaching himself to produce. Gathering his inspiration wherever he could, he began collecting 12" vinyl records the same year. Today, his record collection consists of over 2000 records. From 2008 till 2010 he was one of the resident DJs at the MNML Thursdays in the Camera Club. In 2012 he started with Alex Kolodziej the event-series Tellerbetrieb. Currently he finds most of his inspiration in Chicago House, Deep House and Disco. He resides in Vienna where he DJs and produces music. His tracks appeard on the labels Petrol Dollar, Subversaal, rekooda, Soul Shift Music, bedroomrecords09, Clean and Dirty Recordings, Perception Music and Fever Sound Records. to be continued ...

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