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Bad Times

Члены группы Bad Times: Eric Friedl, Jay Lindsey, Louie Bankston

Дискография Bad Times:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Bad Times 14 audio iTunes 2001
2 Bad Times 14 audio iTunes Sympathy For The Record Industry
3 Bad Times 14 audio iTunes 2002
4 Live In Normal, IL 1998 16 audio iTunes Goner Records

Supergroup from Memphis / New Orleans formed by Jay Reatard, Eric Oblivian and King Louie from the liner notes of the Album: Eric: "...one day of practice, one day of recording/mixing, one show (opening for Guitar Wolf in Normal, IL), one record". King Louie: "The Bad Times were the ultimate one-off. One practice, one recording session, and a one show tour up to Normal, Illinois. I guess Eric felt the need to tell the word that going super solo wasn't the way to go, but spittin' out japanese covers from heavily bootlegged beta max video tapes was worth sittin' in front of the vcr with a magnifying-glass to read the titles of the songs. Jay brought angst as well as good songwriting. That's why was kinda hard for us to keep up with him and learn the songs. I was the one just standin' around with a couple of still-births and abortions in my pocket waiting to be slapped on the ass and thrown into the world cryin'. Throw it all together and you have what you are holding in your hands".

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