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Rick Simons

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/Symbl.Official, http://www.myspace.com/symbl, http://soundcloud.com/symbl

Дискография Symbl:

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In the world of bass-oriented dance music, SYMBL aka Rick Simons wears several different caps including producer, engineer, deejay, and, last but not least, speaker destroyer. With nearly a decade of experience manipulating low-end frequencies, SYMBL possesses an understanding of subbass not held by most musicians. As a producer, SYMBL's tracks have seen several releases on prominent drum-n-bass and dubstep record labels. As an engineer, he's molded the sound of some of your favorite tunes. SYMBL made his first appearance on the international dance music stage with strong collaborations on dnb labels Outbreak, LTD and Hate Recordings with Silent Killer and Mumblz in 2005 under his Tek Infektion alias. Within months, he teamed-up with partner-in-crime James Osborn aka Point of Reference to form the now infamous group Arsenic, and the duo proceeded to take on drum-n-bass using their own brand of sonic deviance. The group's melee spawned several releases on labels such as Freak and Evol Intent and garnered the support of heavyweight DJs Dieselboy, Mary Anne Hobbs, Technical Itch, Dylan, Current Value, SPL, Ewun, Chris Renegade, DJ Syze, Breaker, Audio, Kano, and Demo. Late in 2008 as the world of dance music shifted towards dubstep, SYMBL began to stray from drum-n-bass into the new genre. The new direction found SYMBL in the studio with stateside dubstep pioneers TRiLLBASS crafting a thunderously distorted remix of the hip-hop anthem "Swagger Like Us". The world-wide reaction to "Swagger" inspired SYMBL to spend more time working in the 140 BPM range, which, then, spawned the track "Crumbs" that was featured on Betamorph Recordings' compilation Betamorphisis Vol. 1. This is also when SYMBL, the engineer, began mastering releases for dubstep labels Betamorph, Dirty Circuit, Savory Audio, Filthy Digital, Stupid Fly, Abducted, Dubfront, Dubsaw, Bass Punch, Bassweight and the newly formed Dub Cartel. 2009 saw the release of Meh., a solo LP from SYMBL on TRiLLBASS Digital Recordings and several collaborations with fellow dubstep monsters Mark Instinct and Richie August. Meh., was an expression of SYMBL's desire to move beyond the dancefloor and wobble into new venues and soundscapes. Complimenting the esoteric Meh,., the latter portion of 2009 found SYMBL slamming out several dubstep bootlegs in his new Bro'd Out series including his massively infectious "City Lights" remix with Mark Instinct. If 2009 was the Year of Dubstep, it was also the year that SYMBL turned dubstep on it's head. The new year looks brights for the Midwestern LFO warrior. Between his solo efforts, a revival of Arsenic, and his new collaboration with DJ Syze, SYMBL's name will never be far from the tip of your tongue in 2010.

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