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Edu Pinilla

Eduardo Pinilla

Также известно как: Edu, Eduardo Pinilla

Дискография Edu Pinilla:

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Spanish guitar player, started backing [a660504] in 1975. On 1979 he joined "Ñu" and recorded with them "A golpe de látigo"(1979), "Acorralado por ti"(1984), "No hay ningún loco"(1986) ans "Vamos al lío"(1988). He also joined "Coz" to record "Las chicas son guerreras" (1981). In 1983 he backed Miguel Ríos on his “El Rock de una noche de verano” tour and also Luz Casal, until 1986. In 1988 he would play with Joaquín Sabina and later with "Pabellón Psiquiátrico", "Los Suaves", Mercedes Ferrer... On 1992 he joined "Burning".

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