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mp3 Альбомы исполнителей за декаду 1920 годов

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# Исполнтель Альбом Обложка
201 Vox-Orchester - Ouvertüre Zu "Leichte Cavallerie"
202 Barbara Maurel - One Fleeting Hour / Ship O' Dreams
203 Frank Crumit - In My Heart, On My Mind All Day Long
204 Harry Lauder - It's Nice To Get Up In The Mornin' But It's Nicer To Lie In Bed!
205 Conway's Band - El Capitan / The New Colonial March
206 Harry Steier - Ein Gräflein, Ein Herzog, Ein König / Nur Eine Nacht Sollst Du Mir Gehören
207 Edward Clark - I'm Going Back To The Work-House / The "Knocker"
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Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra - Canadian Capers / Two Little Girls In Blue
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Perry & Peppino - I Like It / Love In Lilac Time
210 Marguerite Farrell - Arrah Go 'Long With You / I've Got The Traveling "Cho-Cho Blues"
211 Giuseppe Krismer - Filava... Filava... / La Signorina Del Magazzino
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Claudio Muzio - Grisanimi / Chere Nuit
213 Harry Lauder - I Love A Lassie / She Is My Rosie
214 Harry Lauder - She Is My Daisy / When I Was Twenty-One
215 Tuck Me To Sleep (In My Old Kentucky Home) / I Wonder If You Still Care For Me /
216 Smilin' Through / Old Pal (Why Don't You Answer Me?)
217 Mon Homme (My Man) / Who'll Be The Next One To Cry Over You
218 Harry Lauder - I Love A Lassie / I've Loved Her Ever Since She Was A Baby
219 I've Got The Joys / Strut Miss Lizzie
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Symfoni Orkestern, Paris - L' Etrange Vals / Giv Mig Et Kys
221 Oscar Seagle - Flow Gently, Sweet Afton / Bendemeer's Stream
222 If You Like Me, Like I Like You / When Shall We Meet Again
223 Sunnyside Sal / Melon Time In Dixieland
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Mario Perry - I Never Knew / Blue Jeans
225 Honolulu Honey / Humming
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Broadway Dance Orchestra - Sweet Lady / By The Waters Of Killarney
227 Glen Ellison - The Waggle O'The Kilt / She's The Lass For Me
228 Selvin's Orchestra - Truly / Chanson
229 Valse Caprice / Ever Dear
230 My Sunny Tennessee
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Amphion Quartet - I Want To Be The Leader Of The Band / My Mammy
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Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra - All For You
233 Kaiwi Waltz / Kawaihau (Waltz)
234 Harry Lauder - Roamin' In The Gloamin' / The Wee Hoose 'Mang The Heather
235 Tuck Me To Sleep (In My Old Kentucky Home) / I Wonder If You Still Care For Me /
236 Under The Moon/When Day Is Done
237 Novelty Orchestra - The Sidewalks Of New York/Medley Of Old Time Favorites
238 Ben Selvin & His Orchestra - Nobody's Sweetheart / Two Blue Eyes
239 Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra - I Lost My Heart To You-Heart Of Mine(Medley)/ Broken Moon-Without You (Medley)
240 Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds - Got To Cool My Doggies Now / You Can Have Him, I Don't Want Him, Did'nt Love Him Anyhow Blues
241 Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds - The Darktown Flappers Ball / Sighin' Around With The Blues
242 Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds - Frankie Blues / Mean Man
243 Peerless Quartette - Mammy Lou / Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down In Dear Old Dixieland
244 Irish Reels / Irish Jigs
245 Just Because You're You / Georgette
246 Indiana Lullaby / Marchéta
247 Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses / Who's Sorry Now
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Orchestrina Siciliana - Fior Di Primavera / Occhi Di Fata
249 Bjørn Talén - Preislied / Am Stillen Herd
250 Duo Hofmann - Momenten Die Je Nooit Vergeet / Tango Du Rêve
251 California Ramblers - The Sheik Of Araby / Georgia Rose
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Dezső Szigeti - Two Hungarian Poems
253 Feodor Chaliapin - Ave Signor!
254 Ted Lewis And His Band - Georgette / Send Back My Honeyman
255 Kapelle Sándor Józsi - Casanova / Sulamith
256 Fritz Kreisler - Chanson Hindoue/ Chanson Arabe
257 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/ Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down (In Dear Old Dixieland)
258 Guido Deiro - When You're Near / Baby Blue Eyes
259 Fritz Kreisler - Chanson Indoue / Chanson Arabe
260 Fred Fradkin - Kiss Me Again / Roses Of Picardy
261 Criterion Quartette - I Want The World To Know
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Cathedral Quartette Of St. Paul's Cathedral - While Shepherds Watched O Come All Ye Faithful
263 Break The News To Mother / When You And I Were Young, Maggie
264 Van And Schenck - Carolina In The Morning / I'm Goin' To Plant Myself In My Old Plantation Home
265 Why Should I Cry Over You? / The Sunset Trail Of Gold
266 Arthur Lange And His Orchestra - The First Waltz / A Kiss In The Dark
267 Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds - Dem Knock-Out Blues / Mean Daddy Blues
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Maloof Oriental Orchestra - Egyptian Khedevial March (Oriental Special)
269 Otto Reutter - Vivat! Hoch Die Neue Zeit! / ...Bloß 'N Bischen Kleiner
270 Otto Reutter - Das Sind Die Sorgen Der Republik / Aus England, Frankreich, Holland Und Amerika
271 Otto Reutter - Jeder Muß Ja Wissen, Wo Er Reingehört! / ...Aber Glücklich Macht Das Nicht!
272 Otto Reutter - Es Geht Vorwärts / Der Spiritist
273 Otto Reutter - Fritz Und Theodor / Mensch, Komm Bloß Nicht Auf Die Welt
274 Otto Reutter - Wir Haben Uns Eingedeckt! / Wer Lebt Am Längsten?
275 Bar Harbor Society Orchestra, The - Moon River / Three O'Clock In The Morning
276 The Band Play's Home Sweet Home / Last Night On The Back Porch
277 Criterion Quartet, The - Silver Threads Among The Gold / When You And I Were Young Maggie
278 Emil Coleman E La Sua Orchestra - Tomorrow / Toot-Toot-Tootsie
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Eddie Davis Orchestra, The (2) - Hot Lips / Lonesome Mama Blues
280 Marguerite Farrell - Yo-Lay-Ee-Oo (Means I Love You)
281 Ku Ku (The Klucking Of The Ku Klux Klan)
282 Benson Orchestra Of Chicago, The - Virginia Blues / Venetian Love Boat
283 Carl Fenton's Orchestra - Leave Me With A Smile / Weep No More My Mammy
284 Carl Renner - Feinsliebchen Komm' Ans Fenster / Champagner-Arie
285 Carl Renner - Gute Nacht, Du Falsche Welt / Der Vogelfänger Bin Ich Ja
286 I'm Going Away Just To Wear You Off My Mind / Jazzin' Baby Blues
287 Sophie Tucker - Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down In Dear Old Dixieland / Jig Walk
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Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra - A Dream Of Your Smile
289 Louise Homer - Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
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Orchester Des Metropol Theaters Berlin - Und Zum Schluß Schuf Der Liebe Gott Den Kuß / Tröste Dich Mein Liebes Kind
291 Just Suppose
292 Polyphon-Orchester - Püppchen Liese / Wenn Unser Lieber Storch Nicht Wär'
293 Henry Lange - Pianoflage / Ruffenreddy
294 Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra - Dancing Fool / Dixie Highway
295 California Ramblers - Hot Lips / Nobody Lied
296 Polyphon-Orchester - Weine Nicht ! / Wir Versaufen Uns'rer Oma Ihr Klein's Häuschen
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Markel's Orchestra - On The 'Gin 'Gin 'Ginny Shore / Old Fashioned Girl
298 Isa Kremer - A Lied Von A Feigele / Maseltof
299 Kitten On The Keys / Monastery Bells Waltz
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Original Six, The - She's A Mean Job / Angel Child