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Attenuated Euphoria

M.C. Death

Члены группы Attenuated Euphoria: M.C. Death
Группа в интернете: http://www.attenuated-euphoria.net/

Дискография Attenuated Euphoria:

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For a band that has been in existence since 1991, few bands can claim to have done so little in such a long time like Attenuated Euphoria. In the project's thirteen-year history, the meager output has consisted of six compilation appearances, a handful of live shows, a since-purged demo tape (it was a complete piece of shit), and zero full-length albums (but the band has released seven different sticker designs over the last decade!). Despite its nonexistential output, Attenuated Euphoria continues to promote their existence to those die-hard fans and curiosity-seekers that are few and far in-between.

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