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Giorgio Ponticelli

Giorgio Ponticelli

Также известно как: Dok Ponticelli, G. Ponticelli, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, Giorgio
Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644190272, http://www.giorgioponticelli.com/

Дискография Giorgio Ponticelli:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Tranceunity 2 audio iTunes 2001 Boost
2 Tranceunity (Remixes) 4 audio iTunes 2002-04-21 Acalwan
3 I Am The Master / Xplore 4 audio iTunes 2002 Acalwan
4 Tranceunity 6 audio iTunes 2002 Contraseña Records
5 Tranceunity 2 audio iTunes 2001 Boost

This 25 year-old dj and producer from Milan is a well-known guy for trance fans in Internet. He has managed several succesful shows in the biggest Internet radio station, Digitally Imported, like The Subtraxx Experience. For this New York based station he has drives Frequencies, a project where he wants to give an opportunity to new and upcoming talents, a vital philosophy in his own concept of music. He began making music with trackers in 1996. His first alias was Doktor Noize DJ and his first track The Moon And The Sun. But his best-known work is without any doubt Trance Unity, signed to the German label Boost in 2001. This track was played in every party in this country and let him to play in big events such as Love Parade or Nature One. One of his last projects is Armored Blowfish, a sound developed for his energetic sets, uplifting trance with some techno that thousands of clubbers have enjoyed in Italy, Germany, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Denmark or the United States. Source: www.trancespain.com

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