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Greg Silver

Gregor Imo

Группа в интернете: http://www.gregsilver.net, http://www.myspace.com/gregslver

Дискография Greg Silver:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Mono-Tone 2 audio iTunes 2002-12-01 Skull Tunes
2 Schranz Total 4.0 30 audio iTunes 2003-05-12 Toptrax Recordings
3 Wicked Vibes EP 4 audio iTunes 2003-08-05 Déjà Vu Recordings
4 Heart Of Africa 3 audio iTunes 2003-09-17 Skull Tunes
5 Chaos Theory 2 audio iTunes 2004-09-09 Skull Tunes
6 2000 2 audio iTunes 2005-02-01 Synopsis
7 El Gitano 4 audio iTunes 2009-12-04 120db Records
8 Progressive 3 12 audio iTunes 2005 Toptrax Recordings
9 Progressive 13 audio iTunes 2005 Benz Street US

Initial club gigs in mannheim and vicinity were to follow in 1990. those paved the way to his first job as resident dj in heidelberg’s club “zigarillo”, which he maintained till 1997. He worked his way up through international bookings and first releases on “generator records”. in 1996, greg extended his commitment in the music business: besides working as resident dj of the “broadway” in mannheim, he subsequently became the presenter of the “dj-factory” on radio sunshine live. in 1998, greg and frank bizarre initiated their still lasting co-operation by founding the music-production-company “studio77”. one year later, they launched “uptrax”, a music platform on the web, and the label “toptrax”. the last three years were then characterised by the extension of uptrax and toptrax, by the relocation of the label to schwetzingen and, above all, by the releases of various singles on the meanwhile four own labels (skull tunes, hard..n holy,stereogold, synopsis). in 2003, greg ceased from his original pseudonym “fmf greg” (which he had presented for years) and decided to give priority to his looking after his career as “greg silver”.

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