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John Themis

John Themis

Также известно как: J Themis, J. Temis, J. Themis, J.Themis, Johm Themis, John "Genious" Themis, John Themistocleous, John Thernis, John.Themis, Johnny Gail, Johnny Themistocleous, Jon Themis, Themis
Группа в интернете: http://www.talenthouse.com/johnthemis

Дискография John Themis:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Other Side Of John Themis 8 audio iTunes 1988 Coda Records (3)
2 Final Cruise 4 audio iTunes 1986 Coda Records (3)
3 Goblins Of Sherwood (I Love You In The Morning) 2 audio iTunes 1983 Coda Records (3)
4 Atmospheric Conditions 9 audio iTunes 1985 Coda Records (3)
5 Atmospheric Conditions 9 audio iTunes 1985 Coda Records (3)
6 Sirens 9 audio iTunes 1983 Coda Records (3)
7 Atmospheric Conditions 9 audio iTunes 1985 Coda Records (3)
8 Fooling Myself / Since You've Been Away 4 audio iTunes 1974 EFI
9 English Renaissance 10 audio iTunes 1987 Coda

Guitarist, songwriter, Musical Director Born in Australia, of Greek Cypriot parents, John has spent most of his life in London. Grammy Nominee John Themis has had Top Ten and Number one success performing, producing, arranging and writing for artists from Cat Stevens, Dido to Rod Stewart and Gabrielle to George Michael and has written smash hits for Emma Bunton (a UK number one), Sugababes and Kylie Minogue. John's closest working relationship is probably with Boy George since Jesus Loves You project. Themis also co-wrote the smash hit musical Taboo with Boy George.

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