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Teo Macero

Attilio Joseph Macero

Также известно как: Macero, T. Macero, Ted Macero, Ted Uacero, Teo Macero Presents, Teo Marcero

Дискография Teo Macero:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Quarts De Ton / Vierteltöne / Quarter Tones 12 audio iTunes CBS
2 Virus (Original Soundtrack) 10 audio iTunes 1980 Columbia
3 Teo 6 audio iTunes 1992
4 Fusion 7 audio iTunes 1984 Europa Records
5 Time Plus Seven 8 audio iTunes 1979 Finnadar Records
6 Impressions Of Charles Mingus 8 audio iTunes 1983 Palo Alto Records
7 Acoustical Suspension 8 audio iTunes 1985 Doctor Jazz Records
8 What's New? 13 audio iTunes 1956-05-28 Columbia
9 Teo 12 audio iTunes 1980 American Clavé
10 Jazzical Moods, Volume 1 7 audio iTunes 1972 Jazz Historical Recordings
11 Teo 6 audio iTunes 1986
12 Teo 6 audio iTunes 1957 Prestige
13 Jazz Composers Workshop 10 audio iTunes 2013 Doxy
14 Jazz Composers Workshop No. 2 7 audio iTunes 2013 Doxy
15 Impressions Of Virus 5 audio iTunes 1980 Denon
16 Jazz Composers Workshop 9 audio iTunes 1993
17 Something New, Something Blue 8 audio iTunes 2005 Fresh Sound Records

American jazz saxophonist, composer, and record producer. Born October 30, 1925 in Glen Falls, New York, USA Died February 19, 2008 in Riverhead, New York, USA Teo Macero was most famous for his role in producing a series of albums by Miles Davis in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including editing that almost amounted to creating compositions after the recordings.

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