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Al Duvall

Группа в интернете: http://alduvall.bandcamp.com

Дискография Al Duvall:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Butler's Revenge 19 audio iTunes 2004 V/Vm Test Records
2 The Timid Mischeif, Or Oh! Anomia 15 audio iTunes 2006 dualpLOVER
3 Recluses Unite 17 audio iTunes 2008 dualpLOVER
4 Hey Rube 19 audio iTunes 2002 Boontling Recording Company
5 Squirt, Rubber Heart 11 audio iTunes 2011-06-00 Boontling Recording Company
6 Insomnibus 15 audio iTunes 2013-08-21 Boontling Recording Company

Currently a one-man band, Al was one of Delaware’s first DIY-rockers and played in with bands such as The Phlegms, Rude Awakening, Dad’s New Dress and High Karate.

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