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Keith Douglas

Также известно как: E. Douglas, Errol "Keith" Douglas, Imperial Hudson, K. Douglas, Keithy
Группа в интернете: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/keith-douglas-mn0000791444/biography

Дискография Keith Douglas:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 You Move Me 2 audio iTunes 1985 CSA Records
2 Cool Down Amina 2 audio iTunes 1982 Fashion Records
3 Come Over 2 audio iTunes 1985 Natty Congo
4 Teacher Never Taught Me 2 audio iTunes 1980 His Majesty
5 Angel 2 audio iTunes 1983 Simba
6 Frontline 2 audio iTunes 1984 Zip Records (9)
7 Boom 2 audio iTunes 1983 Natty Congo
8 Zion City 2 audio iTunes 1985 24Karat
9 Something In My Eyes / Keep A Clean Heart 2 audio iTunes 1980 London Gemi
10 What The World Needs 10 audio iTunes 1985 Natty Congo
11 Love With Style 8 audio iTunes 1986 Hot Pepper
12 Always Something There (To Remind Me) 2 audio iTunes Progressive (2)
13 Cool Down Amina 2 audio iTunes 1994 Ruff Cutt
14 Try Love Again 4 audio iTunes 1982 Fashion Records

b. 7 December 1957, London, England. Douglas followed the local sounds in London, including Sir Coxsone’s and the Mighty Frontline. He was inspired to perform as a DJ by his brother Tony, a member of the Blackstones, who topped the reggae album charts with Take Another Look At Love. Inspired by his love of music, Douglas embarked on a recording career, initially under the pseudonym Imperial Keith. He released his debut, ‘Struggling In A Babylon’, in 1976, which was well received and led to sessions with Clement Bushay following an introduction by Pablo Gad for the masterful ‘Teacher Never Taught Me’. The song enhanced his notoriety as a roots singer, although this classification proved inaccurate. While pursuing his career, he learned much from his contemporaries, a notable influence being King Sounds who taught Douglas basic guitar skills. The release of the classic ‘Blessed Are The Meek’ signalled a change of direction when he embarked on recording sessions with Fashion Records. Through the label he released ‘I Specialise In Good Girls’ and the chart-topping ‘Cool Down Amina’. The success of the two singles led to him being described as Mr Lovers Rock, and in 1982 he released ‘Try Love Again’ with similar success. In 1983 he began working with Aswad, with backing vocals provided by Brown Sugar’s Pauline Catilin and Caron Wheeler for the buoyant ‘Angel’, released on the band’s own label. The Ladbroke Grove connection continued when he appeared with the Sons Of Jah for the dancehall favourite ‘Boom’, backed with the appropriately titled ‘Explosive Dub’. While working with Trevor Bow and the Sons Of Jah he recorded his debut album, featuring melodies supplied by members of Aswad and the Wailers. Indicating a desire for independence he went into self-production for the release of ‘You Move Me’. Douglas also appeared on the one rhythm Front Line Reggae compilation. During the 90s, Douglas maintained a low profile performing alongside, Tex Johnson, Dennis Pinnock and Paul Dawkins as Four In A Row, releasing the single, ‘Love Is’.

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