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S.A.S. (4)

Также известно как: S.A.S, S.A.S. Diplomats, S.A.S. Eurogang, SAS
Члены группы S.A.S. (4): Mayhem (18), Mega (5)
Группа в интернете: http://www.rocafella.com

Дискография S.A.S. (4):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Streets All Salute 22 audio iTunes 2006-08-14 Geneon Pioneer Japan
2 Don't Even Think About It 5 audio iTunes Diplomat Records (2)
3 Where Is S.A.S ? 20 audio iTunes 2008-07-07 Not On Label
4 Eurogang Vol.1 We Built This City 20 audio iTunes 2009-07-20 Spit 4 Da Kid
5 Streets All Salute The DVD 4 audio iTunes 2006
6 Coming To America (Stacking Sterling Special Edition) 22 audio iTunes 2006 Dipset Europe
7 Galaxy Fly 18 audio iTunes 2010 Social Klub
8 Regal Rap 6 audio iTunes 2014-09-14 Ecam Entertainment

Комментарии о S.A.S. (4):