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Greg Calbi

Gregory Calbi

Также известно как: Brey Calbi, Calbi, Craig Calbi, Creg Calbi, gc, Gegg Calbi, Gerg Calbi, Gleg Calbi, Greb Calbi, Greg, Greg "Mel" Calbi, Greg (father calbi) Calbi, Greg Caibi, Greg Calbe, Greg Calbi, Greg Calbie, Greg Calby, Greg Caldi, Greg Cale, Greg Calibi, Greg Calvy, Greg Colbi, Greg Colby, Greg Galbi, Greg Kalbi, GregCalbi, Gregg Calbi, Gregg Clabi, Gregory Calbi
Группа в интернете: http://www.sterling-sound.com, http://emusician.com/mag/emusic_mastering_manhattan/index.html

Дискография Greg Calbi:

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Senior mastering engineer who began his mastering work in 1973 at [l=Record Plant]. Three years later (1976) he moved to [l=Sterling Sound], where he mastered records for nearly 20 years. In 1994 he switched to [l=Masterdisk] for 4 years, before eventually returning to Sterling Sound again in 1998.

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