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Musik G.

Michael Carroll

Также известно как: MusikG
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/theuga

Дискография Musik G.:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 O' Freedom 4 audio iTunes Sky High Music

Musik G and the UGA have performed in various cities in the United States with artist such as Afrika Bambatta, Slick Rick, KRS-One, Craig Mack as well as numerous Zulu Nation Anniversaries. They have also performed in Germany, Holland, England and France with Ed OG and the Awesome 2. Musik G's recording career has afforded him the opportunity to work on the Human Education Against Lies (H.E.A.L.-Elektra Records) album project with LL Cool J, KRS-One, Queen Latifah, Big Daddy Kane and Shabba Ranks to name a few. He has worked with Ansel Cridland of the Meditations on the What Kind of World project released on the Mau Mau Jungle (Sky High Records) album. Musik G has released the singles Rock On b/w No Games and Tear it down b/w Live on the box on UGA Recordings. Along with recording and producing his own projects, Musik Gs production credits include hosting his own radio show the Original B-Side on WBAI 99.5fm with DJ Frenzi from 1997-2000. He also produced special segments for the legendary Chet Jacksons Nite Flyte show also on WBAI 99.5fm in New York City. Musik G has worked on production for the well respected Underground Ruffhouse Video Show hosted by Uncle Jessie Barnes. He contributed music work for the Martial Art World Television Show produced by ESPY-TV for the Madison Square Garden Network. Musik G has contributed his talent to a number of hip hop documentaries produced by independent and student filmmakers.

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