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Члены группы Weakling: Casey Ward, Jim Mack, John Gossard, Josh Smith, Sam Foster, Sarah Weiner

Дискография Weakling:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Dead As Dreams 5 audio iTunes tUMULt
2 Dead As Dreams 5 audio iTunes 2000 tUMULt
3 Dead As Dreams 5 audio iTunes 2000 tUMULt

American Black Metallers Weakling were crafted in 1998 by John Gossard (guitar, vocals), Casey Ward (keyboard), Little Sunshine (drums), Sarah Weiner (bass) and Joshua M. Smith (guitar). A rehearsal demo was released that same year and then their only album, "Dead As Dreams", was appeared in 2000. Weakling never toured even though the album received praise but the band had already broken up by then. Despite splitting up they continued with their own personal projects.

Комментарии о Weakling: