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Altered States (3)

Члены группы Altered States (3): Andy Proctor (2), Desmond Connolly, Hunter Barr, Hunter Barr (2), Martin Winbury, Rob Ryan (2), Yig Hughes
Группа в интернете: http://www.altered-states.co.uk, http://www.myspace.com/alteredstatesuk

Дискография Altered States (3):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Low Life 3 audio iTunes 1987 Ediesta Records
2 Is Anyone Out There ? The Complete Alaska Sessions 13 audio iTunes 1994 Primary
3 Designer Reality 3 audio iTunes 1995 Primary
4 Designer Gene Pool 10 audio iTunes 2005 Smashed Up Music
5 Is Anyone Out There ? 10 audio iTunes 1987 Ediesta Records
6 Dancing With Irony (Judgement Day Special) 4 audio iTunes 2003 Not On Label (Altered States (3) Self-released)

The band were formed in London in the mid eighties by Robert Ryan (Bass), Martyn Winbury (Drums) and Yig(Mark)Hughes (Guitar & Vocals). Together they recorded "Is Anyone Out There ?" which was released on Ediesta Records in LP format. This was later re-released (with additional tracks also recorded at Alaska Studios,London in the same two week recording session) in CD format on Primary. The 12" single "Low Life" was taken from the same album. "Drowning Children" was remixed by Martin Rushent and was to be the second 12" single but due to the demise of Ediesta Records was not released until it was included in the CD version of "Is Anyone Out There ?" Some years later Yig Hughes recruited Andy Procter,Desmond Connolly and Hunter to continue in the name of Altered States

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