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Clefs Of Lavender Hill

Также известно как: Clefs Of Lavender Hill, The, Travis And Coventry-The Clefs Of Lavender Hill
Члены группы Clefs Of Lavender Hill: Bill Moss (3), Coventry Fairchild, Fred Moss (2), Travis Fairchild
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clefs_of_Lavender_Hill

Дискография Clefs Of Lavender Hill:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Stop! Get A Ticket 15 audio iTunes 2010 Wounded Bird Records
2 One More Time 2 audio iTunes Date
3 Gimme One Good Reason 2 audio iTunes 1967 Date
4 Stop! - Get A Ticket / First Tell Me Why 2 audio iTunes 1966 date

Folk rock band from Miami, Florida, formed in 1966 around brother and sister Travis and Coventry Fairchild, the chosen stage names of Joseph and Lorraine Ximenes with Fred and Bill Moss, of the group The Twilights (who had released one single, "She's There", in 1965). Line-up: Joseph Ximenes (Travis Fairchild) - vocals, guitar Lorraine Ximenes (Coventry Fairchild) - vocals, guitar Bill Moss - bass (1966-67) Fred Moss - drums (1966-67) Frank Milone - bass (1967-68) Steve Zaricki - drums (1967-68)

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