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Iain Burgess

Также известно как: Burgess, I. Burgess, Iain, Iain (Fartpants) Burgess, Iain (Rumbleknickers) Burgess, Iain Burguess, Ian Burgess, Iian Burgess, Kimba Burgess, Mr. Ian Burgess
Группа в интернете: http://www.studioblackbox.fr

Дискография Iain Burgess:

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Producer, engineer of the early Chicago punk era Iain Burgess died in France on February 11, 2010. Worked with [a=Big Black], [a=Poster Children], [a=Naked Raygun], [a=Bhopal Stiffs], [a=Ministry], [a=Bloodsport], [a=Defoliants, The], [a=Papier Tigre] and [a=Pegboy]. Iain Burgess was best known for recording during weekends at the Chicago Recording Company, though he recorded at anywhere and everywhere in the city at some point. Iain also spent much time doing sound board for live shows, Chicago bands and non-Chicago bands like. Though Burgess moved to France in the early '90s where he was operating a studio in the countryside called Black Box, the production-sound that he captured on Midwestern punk recordings of the '80s continues to be emulated by other producers and artists, among his friend and student, Chicagoan [a=Steve Albini]. Burgess' discography also included work with the [a=Heavy Manners], [a=Jawbox], [a=Didjits], [a=Cows], [a=Breaking Circus], among many others. On Thursday February 11, 2010 Iain passed away from complications related to pancreatic and liver cancer.

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