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Члены группы MSM: Carla Ramirez

Дискография MSM:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 I'm The Only One 3 audio iTunes 2001 Epic
2 MSM Sampler 3 audio iTunes 2001 Epic

Members: Carla Ramírez, Lorena Pinot, Sohanny Gross The contemporary version of the 1980s successful outfit Miami Sound Machine was assembled in 2001 by Emilio Estefan Jr., making their debut in early 2002 with the release of a single called "I'm the Only One." Colombian Carla Ramírez, Guatemalan Lorena Pinot, and Dominican Sohanny Gross met in Miami, FL, with singer/producer Jon Secada to start working on their debut album. Playing a fusion of Latin pop, dance, and urban rhythms, MSM performed live for the first time while opening for teen pop sensation *N Sync in South Beach.

Комментарии о MSM: