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Locced 2 The Brain

Также известно как: Loc'd 2 Da Brain, Locc 2 Da Brain, Locced 2 Tha Brain, Locced To The Brain
Члены группы Locced 2 The Brain: Babe Reg, Big Dan, Big Q, Brotha Lynch Hung, Cedric Singleton, DJ Kat, First Degree The D.E., Foe Loco, G-Macc, Hyst (3), Loki (5), Mr. Doctor, T. Tay, Zigg Zagg

Дискография Locced 2 The Brain:

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A Sacramento rap group created by [a=Brotha Lynch Hung] and fellow Garden Blocc natives. A full length LP was expected to be released in the mid-late 90's but after Lynch had fell out with his deal from [l=Black Market Records (2)], Cedric Singleton took control of the group and they have been on the hush for a while. Now, (2014) [a=Brotha Lynch Hung] is slowly starting to gather the group back together, releasing new songs and an expected EP. There are also rumors of them releasing some of their old, previously unreleased Locc 2 Da Brain songs from back in the day.

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