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Jeff Central

Jeff Chenault

Также известно как: J. Central, J.C.

Дискография Jeff Central:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Primativa 9 audio iTunes 1988 Black Music
2 The Anatomical Theater 8 audio iTunes 1987 International Terrorist Network
3 Primativa 9 audio iTunes 2013 Exoteque Music
4 Stimulus & Response 11 audio iTunes 1985 International Terrorist Network
5 Lysergic Voodoo 8 audio iTunes 1990 International Terrorist Network
6 The Distorter 2 audio iTunes 2013-09-17 The Museum Of Microcassette Art

Jeff "Central" Chenault has recorded under the names Musique Psychologique and Central Inhabitants. He is a member of the duo 10-Speed Guillotine with Andrew Izold ([a=Alois]); Edison's Office Boy with James Towning ([a=Fact TwentyTwo]); and The Weird Love Makers with [a=Mark Gunderson] and Greg Fernandez (not the same group as the Arizona-based punk band The Weird Lovemakers). Jeff cofounded the International Terrorist Network (ITN) industrial label, and also runs Exoteque Music, an industrial music distributor.

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