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Alberto Radius

Также известно как: A. Radius, A. Radius, A.Radius, Alberto, Radius

Дискография Alberto Radius:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Che Cosa Sei / Il Respiro Di Laura 2 audio iTunes 1976 CBS
2 Nel Ghetto (Remix 1988) 2 audio iTunes 1988-07-11 CGD
3 Poliziotto / Coccodrilli Bianchi / Patricia 3 audio iTunes 1979-02-07 CGD
4 Carta Straccia 10 audio iTunes 1977 CGD
5 Please My Guitar 10 audio iTunes 2004 Idea Produzioni Musicali
6 Che Cosa Sei 9 audio iTunes 2005-06-24
7 Radius 6 audio iTunes 2003
8 Elena E Il Gatto 9 audio iTunes 1985 Panarecord
9 Gente Di Dublino 9 audio iTunes 1982 CGD
10 Celebrai 2 audio iTunes 1977 CGD
11 Che Cosa Sei 9 audio iTunes 1976 CBS
12 Carta Straccia 9 audio iTunes CGD
13 Pensami / Nel Ghetto 2 audio iTunes 1977 CGD
14 Banca D'Italia 15 audio iTunes 2014 VideoRadio
15 Il Mio Cielo, La Mia Anima / Che Cosa Sei 2 audio iTunes 1976 CBS

Italian guitarist and singer (born Rome, June 1, 1942), began career in late 50s with White Booster band and [a=Mario Perrone] Orch; after with [a=I Campanino]. Replaced [a=Franco Mussida] in [a=Quelli] (shortly became [a=PFM]), where develops his way of playing the guitar. With [a=Tony Cicco] and [a=Gabriele Lorenzi] formed [a=Formula 3] debuting on [a=Lucio Battisti]'s new label [l=Numero Uno] performing Battisti's song [i]"Questo Folle Sentimento"[/i], which comes in 5th place in the ranking of best-selling singles.

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