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Nicky Chinn

Nicholas Barry Chinn

Также известно как: Chin, Chinn, Чин, M. Chinn, M.Chinn, N Chinn, N. Chin, N. Chinn, N. Shinne, N.B. Chinn, N.Chinn, Nicholas Barry Chinn, Nicholas Barry Nicky Chinn, Nichy Chinn, Nick Chinn, Nicki Chinn, Nicky "If That Ain't A Number One I've Never Heard A Hit" Chinn, Nicky "Nerves" Chinn, Niki Chinn, Nikki Chinn

Дискография Nicky Chinn:

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Born May 16, 1945 in London, England. Producer and songwriter. Co-founder of production company [l277811] & publishing house [l300715]. Co-director of [l=New Dawn Productions Ltd.] and [l=Chinebridge Ltd.]

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