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Cedric Haywood

Также известно как: Cedríc Haywood, Cedric C. Haywood

Дискография Cedric Haywood:

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American jazz pianist. Born : December 31, 1914 in Houston, Texas. Died : September 09, 1969 in Huston, Texas. Went to high school with [a=Arnett Cobb] and joined Chester Boone's band with him in 1934. He then played with Milton Larkin's band ('35-40, '42), [a=Lionel Hampton] ('41), and (briefly) [a=Sidney Bechet] ('42). After serving in the Army, he performed with [a=Saunders King] for a period of time before joining up with [a=Illinois Jacquet] ('48-51). Later, along with freelancing, he played with [a=Cal Tjader] ('52) and [a=Gerald Wilson] ('53) before playing and touring with [a=Kid Ory]'s band from the mid to late '50s then working with [a=Brew Moore] in the early '60s. He moved back to Houston in '63 where he led his own band until his death.

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