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Eddie Ruscha

Edward Joseph Ruscha V

Также известно как: E. Ruscha, E. Ruscha V, Ed Ruscha, Eddie Ruuscha, Edison Ruscha, Edward Joseph Ruscha V, Edward Ruscha, Ruscha

Дискография Eddie Ruscha:

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For his father, painter, see [a=Ed Ruscha]. Dada Munchamonkey or Edward Joseph Ruscha V, son of LA-based artist Edward Ruscha (Edward Joseph Ruscha IV) is an experimental musician, using mostly analogue equipment and performing productions through almost live experimentation. Starting writing music in the mid 80s as a founding member of 90s noiseniks Medicine and Maids of Gravity, Ruscha was then responsible for forming the Future Pigeon who have in recent years grown from a two-piece outfit into a collective comprising of nine musicians. Next he began work on a project with Rub n' Tug's DJ Thomas called The Laughing Light Of Plenty, meanwhile also working under the alias: The Secret Circuit, creating experimental cosmic music.

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