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Dave Cook

David Cook

Также известно как: D. Cook
Группа в интернете: http://www.woodstockworkshop.builderspot.com/page/page/555105.htm

Дискография Dave Cook:

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Grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York and now lives in Saugerties, NY. A guitarist who performed in a number of bands from his late teens to early 20s. Shifting his focus to engineering he found a job at Prince Recording in NY in 1981 where he worked on many sessions including latin, rock, gospel, rap, Russian folk and jazz. He was also playing on many of these sessions and got involved in drum machine and synthesizer technology. In 1985 he moved to Woodstock and shortly after became the Chief Engineer at Dreamland Studios and stayed there for ten years. Dave has also been involved in Live Audio, Remote Recording, Production, Album Budget Management and Studio Bookings. In 2002 Dave began The Woodstock Recording Workshop offering classes and training in music production techniques. He continues to be fully active in the world of audio engineering making records and mixing live audio for concerts and theater productions.

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