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Stevie James

Steven James Rodriguez

Также известно как: James, L.Rodriguez, S James, S. James, S. Rodriguez, S.James, Steve James, Steven J, Steven J.

Дискография Stevie James:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Rock My World 3 audio iTunes 1998 MNW Dance

Sweden-based American rapper/singer/songwriter/producer, also known as LA-Stevie. Formed Eurodance group [a=Mach 7] in Sweden in early 1994, and went on to release some solo material on [a=Håkan Lidbo]'s [l=MNW Dance] label. Since then he co-founded the US/Swedish Rock group Kill Your Darlingz in Stockholm in 2005 with [a=James Bradley Jr.]. Making up this four-piece Rock/Punk outfit were [a=Ulf Ivarsson] and [a=Ryan Roxie].

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