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Rudy Pardee

Rufus Parison

Также известно как: Pardee, R. Pardee

Дискография Rudy Pardee:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Apartheid 2 audio iTunes 1986 MCA Records
2 The Bounce 2 audio iTunes 1990
3 The Bounce 2 audio iTunes 1990
4 The Bounce 2 audio iTunes 1990

Rudy Pardee was half of the hip hop duo The L.A. Dream Team. Born and Raised in Cleveland, OH on June 29, 1957. His love for music took him to Los Angeles, in pursuit of the musical dream. With [a=Chris Wilson (9)] he found a partner. The times were rife with experimentation and the dance-rap hybrid of electro was still a new form -- not yet firmly aligned with dance, with dance itself still capable of embracing hip-hop. He died in a scuba-diving accident in 1998.

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