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Larry Muhoberac

Lawrence Gordon Muhoberac Jr.

Также известно как: L. Muhoberac, L. Muhoberal, Larry C. Muhoberac, Larry G. Muhoberac, Jr., Larry Mahoberac, Larry Mahoberack, Larry Mohoberac, Larry Mohouberac, Larry Mohuberac, Larry Muboberac, Larry Mucoberac, Larry Muhobarec, Larry Muhoberack, Larry Muhoberag, Larry Muhoberak, Larry Muhoborac, Lawrence G. Mulhoberac, Muhoberac

Дискография Larry Muhoberac:

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American musician (keyboards, piano) - producer - composer. He grew in Louisiana and moved to Memphis, in 1959. Sometimes credited as Larry Owens and Larry Larry Gordon. Father of musicians [a=Jamie Muhoberac] and Parrish Muhoberac. He has worked with [a=Elvis Presley], [a=Neil Diamond], [a=Tina Turner], [a=Ray Charles], [a=Tanya Tucker], [a=Ray Conniff] and [a=Barbra Streisand], among others. Since the 1980's, Muhoberac and his wife, [a=Andra Willis] have lived in Australia.

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