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Brook Brothers, The

Geoff Brook, Ricky Brook

Также известно как: Brook Brothers, Brooks Brothers, The, Brooks, Brothers, The, Brooks, The, G & R Brooks, G. & R. Brooks

Дискография Brook Brothers, The:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week 2 audio iTunes 1961 Pye Records
2 Warpaint 2 audio iTunes 1961 Pye Records
3 Married / I Love Girls 2 audio iTunes 1961 Pye Records
4 Little Bitty Heart 2 audio iTunes 1961 Pye Records
5 Green Fields 4 audio iTunes 1960 Top Rank International
6 Hello Mary Lou / Little Devil / Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week / I Wanna Love My Life Away 4 audio iTunes 1961 Pye Records
7 Trouble Is My Middle Name 2 audio iTunes 1963 Pye Records

The Brook Brothers were an English pop duo composed of Geoff Brook (born Geoffrey Owen Brooks, 12 April 1943, Winchester, Hampshire) and Ricky Brook (born Richard Alan Brooks, 24 October 1940, Winchester, Hampshire). The Brook Brothers started out as a skiffle group in 1956, and after winning a local talent show, changed their look and sound to approximate the style of The Everly Brothers. They signed to Top Rank Records in 1960 and released a cover of the song "Greenfields" by The Brothers Four in 1960. The tune was a hit in Italy but attracted little notice in their home country. After a few more singles were released, they switched to Pye Records, and their second release, "Warpaint" (written by Howard Greenfield and Barry Mann), became a UK Top 5 hit. This song was also recorded by Bill Haley, among others. Following the single's success they released a full-length album and toured with Cliff Richard and Bobby Rydell. They took part in the annual NME Readers' Poll-Winners Concert at London's Wembley Pool on 15 April 1962. They were produced by a young Tony Hatch, and made an appearance in the film, It's Trad, Dad. The Brook Brothers entered A Song For Europe for the Eurovision Song Contest 1962, but did not advance in the contest. The group's popularity faded as The Beatles's sound became more popular, and they left public view by 1965. Their entire cache of Pye recordings was reissued on CD by Castle Music in the 1990s.

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