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Dieter Birr

Также известно как: Birr, D. Birr, Dieter "Maschine" Birr, Д. Бирр
Группа в интернете: http://www.maschine-solo.info/

Дискография Dieter Birr:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Intim 11 audio iTunes 1986 AMIGA
2 Geh Zu Ihr 2 audio iTunes 1973 AMIGA

Born 18/03/1944 in Köslin, now Koszalin, Poland. Plays as Young Boy Guitar and Akkordeon. Member of many Bands in the GDR: [a=Die Telestars], Luniks, Jupiters, Evgenie Kantschev.....Since 1969 to today Guitar and Vocals in [a=Puhdys]. Dieter Birr is one of importance Musicians of the GDR. Puhdys is a classic german write rock, orginate of Prohibition English Songs in the GDR. By the way is Dieter Composer for other Musicians. He was Producer of the Band Rosalily, the Band of his Son: [a=Andy Birr].

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