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Также известно как: UNLV
Члены группы U.N.L.V.: Lil' Ya, Tec-9, Yella Boy
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.N.L.V._%28group%29

Дискография U.N.L.V.:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Mac Melph Calio 13 audio iTunes 1995 Cash Money Records
2 Uptown 4 Life 15 audio iTunes 1996 Cash Money Records
3 Straight Out Tha Gutta 14 audio iTunes 1998 Cash Money Records
4 Greatest Hits With New Songs 13 audio iTunes 1997 Cash Money Records
5 The Return Of U.N.L.V. "Trend Setters" 19 audio iTunes 2001 Blazin South Records
6 Keep It Gutta 16 audio iTunes 2003 B Real Entertainment
7 Mac Melph Calio!! 6 audio iTunes 1995 Cash Money Records
8 The Return Of U.N.L.V. Trend Setters 6 audio iTunes 2001 Blazin South Records
9 6th & Baronne 13 audio iTunes 1993 Cash Money Records

U.N.L.V. are a hip-hop group from New Orleans, Louisiana, originally consisting of rappers [a=Tec-9], [a407591], and [a976852]. Their name is an acronym for "[b]U[/b]ptown [b]N[/b]iggas [b]L[/b]iving [b]V[/b]iolently". They were one of the first artists signed to [l=Cash Money Records], where they recorded four albums from 1993 to 1996. Their first three albums on Cash Money were only distributed locally, but when Cash Money signed a larger distribution deal with [l=Universal Records] in 1998, much of their past music was re-released. Their releases were among the first well distributed examples of New Orleans Bounce music, produced by the Cash Money Records in-house producer [a=Mannie Fresh]. While their music did not gain much national attention, it was regionally successful in the New Orleans area.

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