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K Koke

Kevin Georgiou

Группа в интернете: http://www.kkokeofficial.com/home, http://usgent.com/, https://twitter.com/KokeUSG, https://www.facebook.com/Kevin.Georgiou

Дискография K Koke:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Pure Koke Volume 2 20 audio iTunes 2011-04-11 RGS Entertainment

K Koke, (born 22 May 1985), is a British Rapper from Stonebridge area of north west London. He is part of one of the UK's most popular underground rap crews U.S.G. His first mixtape Pure Koke Volume One was an underground success. Volume 1 was given away for free on various online outlets. Having gained considerable critical acclaim within the UK rap scene, he has recently signed with Roc Nation of Sony Music Entertainment and RCA. Koke was given the chance to do a Fire In The Booth By Charlie Sloth, which helped Koke progress in his career. Although just being signed to Roc Nation, K Koke was in the process of releasing the most anticipated "Pure Koke Volume two". He released visuals for 'Nobody But Us' & 'Lord Knows' which were instant hits on YouTube racking up thousands of views within days. He also released a video for 'Streets Are Cold', featuring Birmingham's Malik MD7. With Koke very much in the promotion stage for his highly anticipated mixtape, it was stopped abruptly as he was arrested for attempted murder. This meant 'Pure Koke: Volume 2' was released with very little promotion due to K Koke's absence. Furthermore K Koke has been dropped from the record company ROC Nation as he was not meeting requirements.

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